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Joseph & Joseph Nest Chopping Boards


  • Boards fit neatly together for organized storage
  • Easy-pour ends guide chopped food into a pan
  • Knife friendly textured cutting surfaces
  • All three boards can be stored upright on worktop
  • Non-slip base


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Brand: Joseph & Joseph

Joseph & Joseph Nest Chopping Boards, Opal, Set of 3.

Small: 18.5cm x 24.9cm x 3.5cm
Medium: 22cm x 29.5cm x 4.6cm
Large: 25.5cm x 34.3cm x 5.7cm

Care and Use: Please note, like all plastic chopping boards, the knife friendly surface of these boards may mark slightly during use

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Weight 0.78 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 5.72 × 34.32 cm


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