About Cheriez Store


It all began with a group of people who dreamt of diving into something completely new. We had a great vision, a passion for change and all the right skills. Together, we established  our company in Singapore, in Beautiful green city.

As a nature-loving Eco-Friendly Company, we want to encourage our community of shoppers to start and continue a mindful discussion about environmental issues and how we can work together towards global sustainability solutions. Our focus is to work for a cleaner planet in order to protect the livelihood of future generations. Our products combine sourcing, sustainability and efficiency for less environmental impact.

Our Mission

Cheriez Store is dealing with sustainable living products and solutions. We commit to source and timely deliver innovative, bold and revolutionize products and solutions to our exceptional value customer.  Let us work towards a common mission to minimise our damage to our environment that adversely affects wildlife and humans and our planet by adopting re-use and recycle culture.

Our Vision

Better For The People. Better For The Planet.

About Cheriez Store


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